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Monday, May 01, 2006

Oh So Close

I got so much finished over the weekend! Woo hoo! The largest project (used 20 skeins of Lamb's Pride wool) was finished yesterday afternoon. Have you ever been driving along in fog and then suddenly you have driven out of it and it's sunny? (and you don't feel like your guts are going to turn inside out anymore?) That's exactly how I felt when I did the finishing touches to this project. Now I can almost feel free to go into my front yard because every time I do anymore at least one neighbor looks at my half painted house and says "when are you going to finish that?". When it happened yesterday I just told her that I'm going for a calico effect. She thinks I was joking.

The yarn that I have been waiting for to finish the very last project arrived about ten minutes ago. It's a pigtail yarn from Caron called "Fling". I'm not sure if it's on the market yet, but it sure is cool.

Nature Calls

And to illustrate the nature of the biz, although I am up to my dudestrils in projects that have to be shipped out this week, I had to take the time to finalize and ship some proposals to other magazines for consideration. Two different mags had submission deadlines this week and I don't think they would hold up their decisions because The Crochet Dude is busy. So, to the backburner goes the wool, and to the front burner comes the mohair. I'm just sayin...


As I said last week a podcast interview that I did a couple of weeks ago should be published today. (Does one publish a podcast? or does one broadcast a podcast? or is "podcast" itself a verb?) Anywho, I just checked and it's not done podcasted yet, but as soon as it is I will let y'all know.

What Am I?

Can you identify this insect? Friend or foe?