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Monday, May 08, 2006


I just this minute returned from the post office where I shipped off the final item to Interweave Crochet... er, I mean, Super Cool Crochet Magazine II. Okay okay, it's the second generation of Chic on the Halfshell. Remember I said that Chic was a prototype and that I submitted the next generation to a magazine? Interweave Crochet bought the design for their Fall 2006 issue. Can you believe that guacamole?

I also took along with me two other design proposals for two other magazines. Gotta work it, dude! Keep yer hooks crossed!

Sale Sale Sale

Thank you to everyone who has made the Anniversary Sale a success so far this week. If you are still wanting to get some of my patterns at 20% off the sale will continue until Friday!

I know I know, the pattern for Chic is free, but doesn't it look cool in this ad? And besides, you CAN download the pattern for Chic at the same place my patterns are for sale, so I think it's a legitimate use of a photograph.


Because I haven't had much time to do anything but work on those magazine projects the only other photos I have to share are from the yard. Houston had some pretty good rainstorms over the weekend and here are a few of the photos the morning after.

*click me and I'll get bigger*
DuderingsThese rings were around the trees in the front yard when I moved in but they didn't have any flowers at all, just dirt. I'm painting the house blue with white trim, so I'm sticking with flowers in the red color range. How patriotic!

Happy PlantThis plant was a gift last year from my friends Kevin, Connie & Jerrah (I call them KevConJer, sounds very futuristic, duddn't it?) Anywho, it obviously likes the shady side yard because it has three blossoms at once right now. The pure white against the deep green is amazing.

Ginger or Marianne?Then of course there are these, the prettiest weeds I've ever seen. I call them weeds because no matter how hard I try to control them they pretty much take over any place in the yard that doesn't get too much sun. They are ornamental gingers and originate in Indonesia (from what I've been able to gather from the Internet). Most of them are around 8 feet tall and these bunches of blossoms are about 15".