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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I actually had time to go grocery shopping this morning! Woo hoo!! I also had time to finish up some socks that I've been working on since before I went to Canada! It was my first try at knitting socks so just the fact that they actually fit makes me happy. I used Louet Gems Topaz wool and they came comfy and slouchy. I don't see myself wearing these inside shoes, but in the winter they will be great to wear around the crib, youknowhatimsayin'? Do people actually say "crib" anymore? I gotta watch MTV more.

Anywho... Here are the pics:

Slouch Socks are sooo 80's!

I hope that's your sock I smell...

The UK Caint Git 'Nuff

A fellow Lulu author emailed me to let me know that the London Telegraph has mentioned my crocheted dishcloth patterns again! Woo hoo! Now what the heck does "arcane" mean?
I'm cheap, and easy!
Which reminds me, just a few more days left of the big anniversary sale! Don't wait and take the chance of all the books selling out. Well, so they don't really sell out because most people buy the download version, and even if you did buy the print version they actually print them on demand. But still, act now and I'll throw in a spoonful of extra good karma!