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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cheaters Need Not Apply

As I wait for the Classic Elite yarn to arrive to finish the twin set, I have been working on a project of which I cannot speak. Who knew there was such a dark and mysterious side to the crochet industry? Anywho, I was outside and took this photo of my neighbors' yards from my yard. I love this little neighborhood! It's like living in a small town but I'm only a few minutes from the city center!

Self Portrait Tuesday

Okay okay, so I don't really participate in that incredible blogventure called "Self Portrait Tuesday" but sometimes one can't resist the pressure. Soooo, here I am! Oh, and if are the first person to guess what I have in the glass that I may or may not have been drinking when I took this self-portrait, I may or may not send you a fantastic prize! Woo hoo!

(note: Imaginary Maggie and Great Basin Home Inspectors not eligible, nor anyone who asks them what is in the glass because, well, that's just cheating and cheaters never prosper...anywho...).