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Monday, June 05, 2006

Go Karen, it's yer berfday!

Well, not today, but it was recently so I took my friend Karen (remember her from last year's Yarn Safari? She's the one that tried to starve me to death by distracting me with a string of yarn shops and no food. You'll have to look in the archives...anywho) out to Katy to see Yarntopia, then we had a nice birthday lunch afterwards. A couple of months ago I attended Yarntopia's grand opening and happen to win a doorprize of a gift card. So, as part of Karen's birthday celebration she got to pick out whatever she wanted from the store (more on that below).
*clickable pics*
Here I am officially receiving my giftcard from Amy, one of the lovely owners of Yarntopia.

Apparently this has become my new calling card. I have done this for two yarn shops recently and it has been received well. I made up a model of the Chic on the Halfshell purse in a yarn that they carry, and I also reformatted the pattern on to one sheet like a handout to put with the purse. What's great is that this purse only uses one skein of most yarns so it's a great project to combine crochet and higher end yarns.

Karen chose some wonderful recycled silk Sari fiber. Isn't it wonderful? The colors are so rich and the texture is amazing.

Here is the entire haul. I didn't realize until just now that a few of the skeins of yarn are buried and can't be seen well. One of my favorites and I can't wait to start using is the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. It's incredible!

I also ordered some more of the yarn that I need for the twin set. Can you believe I ran out with just a little bit left to do? Argh, how frustrating! Anywho, Amy ordered some while I was in her store and she is going to ship it to me this week (or next).